parsing libraries in racket scheme

This page is aimed at helping answer the question

What parser library should I use in racket scheme?

At the moment I recommend megaparsack.

This information was compiled in Jan 22 2018.


NAME parser-tools-lib
AUTHORS Scott Owens
LOC 5885
NOTE this is part of racket
SYNTAX s-exp based yacc or CFG
DEPS none
EXAMPLES https://github.com/racket/parser-tools/tree/master/parser-tools-lib/parser-tools/examples
NAME combinator-parser
AUTHORS Kathy Gray
LOC 1959
NOTE Deprecated “We recommend using either parser-tools/yacc or other parsing packages such as parsack or ragg.”
SYNTAX combinators
DEPS parser-tools-lib
EXAMPLES https://github.com/takikawa/combinator-parser/blob/master/combinator-parser/examples/combinator-example.rkt
NAME parsack
AUTHORS stchang
LOC 1984
SYNTAX monadic notation
DEPS none
EXAMPLES https://github.com/stchang/parsack/tree/master/parsack/examples
NAME megaparsack
AUTHORS Alexis King
LOC 782
NOTE http://docs.racket-lang.org/megaparsack/differences-from-parsack.html
SYNTAX monadic notation
DEPS none
EXAMPLES https://github.com/lexi-lambda/megaparsack/blob/master/megaparsack-parser/megaparsack/parser/json.rkt
NAME ragg
AUTHORS dyoo, clements, mb
LOC 4222
NOTE A design goal is to be easy for beginners to use
DEPS parser-tools-lib
EXAMPLES https://github.com/jbclements/ragg/tree/master/ragg/examples
NAME sparse
AUTHORS esco ricky
LOC 899
NOTE this is for recognizing s-expression languages
SYNTAX s-expressions
DEPS none
EXAMPLES http://docs.racket-lang.org/sparse/index.html#%28part._.Example%29
NAME derp-3
AUTHORS clements, michael adams
LOC 996
NOTE based on “Parsing with Derivatives”. Seems to lack documentation.
SYNTAX production rules
DEPS none
EXAMPLES It seems to implement a python parser but I cannot find it.
NAME binary-class
AUTHORS kalimehtar
LOC 701
NOTE for binary data
SYNTAX lisp struct definitions
DEPS none
EXAMPLES http://docs.racket-lang.org/binary-class/index.html#%28part..Binary_class__.Base_system%29


Some parser code which works(?) in racket that is not packaged. May be beta.


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